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A new Community Website for The Isle of Arran is currently under construction. This website is being designed to bring you the VERY BEST of what The Isle of Arran has to offer.

Splendour of is as much for the community of and business people in Arran as it is for visitors to the island.

Click here to preview the site while it's still under construction - we dont'd mind; and please send us your comments.

Main content on this site will include:
  • History and Culture of Arran
  • Arran Today
  • Places of Interest
  • Public Services
  • The Business World of Arran
  • Personalities
  • Special offers
  • Free Newsletter
  • And more.
Arran is Magic
Did you know The Isle of Arran lies only 17 miles off the West coast of Scotland?

Did you know it takes less than an hour to cross the Clyde on the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick?

Did you know the major road around the Isle of Arran is only 55 miles long?

Did you know there is a major colony of common seals along the shore at Kildonan, in Arran?

Did you know there are no grey squirrels in Arran, nor foxes, nor magpies; and no alligators or crocodiles, eithe?

Did you know that in the 6th century the island was settled by Gaelic speaking people from Ireland?

Did you know, historically, having sailed round the island, Vikings went on to claimed the island for the crown of Norway?

Did you know when Cromwell marched north, he also sent a garrison to Arran?

Did you know Arran is often referred to as a geologist paradise?

Did you know the snow flack obsidian is claimed found in only two place on the planet ... America and Sannox in Arran

Did you know that the world's only known 12 hole golf course is in Shiskine in Arran?

What else?
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