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In the meantime see how you can get rid of all the stuff that's clogging up your home or office - and help to provide Clean Water to thousands of villagers in Africa through...
Don't throw it out yet...

There is a potential Triple-Benefit effect in using our Attic Clearout Scheme:
  1. You get rid of what you no longer need and gain more space for other use.

  2. You help someone else own and appreciate the use of what you don't need any more.

  3. You help G1:28 Initiative raise funds in aid of Rural Water Supply projects in Africa ... and change the lifestyle of thousands of women and children who spend up to 4 hours daily fetching water ... often involving steep slopes, laden with heavy containers.

    100% of donations we receive through Attic Clearout is put to this use.
Return this email with your name and area of residency in the message field to find out how to join G1:28 Support Community.

We respect for your privacy - and we will not share your personal details with any third parties without your expressed permission.

Here's the link to G1:28 Attic Clearout again.

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