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About Brian Madden


Pride of The Clyde~
Glasgow Artist Brian Madden

Provided by Scottish Art Circle

Marine, Landscape and Aircraft Paintings

New Paintings

Thank you for visitng my website.
Enyoy reminiscing with the Old Clyde and the vessels that sailed up and down the waters in the days long gone by...

I am Brian Madden.

There is a good selection of paintings here showing a range of subject matter I typically enjoy painting, including puffers, steamers, tugs, and other kinds of local and ocean going vessels.

I'll be happy to discuss any commissioning work on topics within my niche. Please Click here to send me your enquiry.

And look out for new work being added from time to time.

You might want to bookmark this page now if you have interest in the Marine and Landscape Paintings ~ particularly sailing vessels and oil and coal burners.

For more information about my paintings or forthcoming exhibitions

Brian Madden
Tel: 07876 104 121

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