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Paintings by Brian Phillips

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This is a new website showing Paintings by Brian Phillips of Dunoon, Scotland.

Brian Phillips has painted passionately for 50 years, only occasionally coming up for air. He has now had 40 one-man exhibitions in England and Scotland, and has contributed in numerous mixed shows.

Brian was born in Manchester in 1939. At 14 he left school feeling very thick (his words) and got a job on a Manchester Advertising Agency where he worked first as an office boy and then as a commercial artist, leaving in 1960 to do the obligatory National Service.

Though Brian considered his education to have been poor his artwork, however, stood out. At the age of 16 he was the youngest artist to have had work on show at Stockport Art Gallery in 1955.

On leaving school he was pushed into advertising because 'he was good at art' but it wasn't what he really wanted to do. Nonetheless, he stuck at it for 23 years. 1978 found him in a hospital bed with a life threatening illness. This illness became the turning point in his life and from then until 2000 he worked for the good of others, mainly the mentally ill.

In 1980, Brian became Art Team Leader in Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital in Manchester, painting murals with patients. He did this for 5 years before becoming self employed doing murals and art workshops with children, the elderly and the mentally ill. He has since worked in the Health Services and also ran the 'Start In Bury' project (an art studio for the mentally ill) before moving to Scotland in September 2000. His work now is entirely Scottish based and inspired ... 'the Highlands are hypnotic', he often says.

Four small galleries of Brian's work are included on this site. Click here if you want to be kept up to date with his paintings and exhibitions.


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