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From Ali Abubakar
Glasgow, Scotland.

I feel incredibly privileged and enriched in being able to rejoice and give thanks for the love shown to me and my family by all our friends. I use the word 'friends' here in its widest understanding, and hope we are able to reciprocate this love in one way or another.

To this end we have set up
Double A Notes Online as a platform from which we can all share some of our common interests and life experiences for mutual benefits.

Unlike the common practice of setting up wesbsites, we decided to upload this site online with only one page (this Home page) to begin with and have been gradually adding content as the site develops. I trust that in the course of time you'll find some of the contents of Double A Notes Online informative, entertaining, educational and even inspiring at times.

Double A Notes Site Map should give you a reasonable idea of what to expect from this site. Nip over there right now and see for yourself.

Free Coffee Mate Down Byres Road...
For a serious or laugh-your-pants-off company.

For more information,
call Ali Abubakar on
Tel: +44(0)141 946 5032 or


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