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Juno Design Gallery
159 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7DD
Tel: 01369 707 767

April 9 - May 28, 2011

Spring Exhibition
New Works by Argyll Artists
Lizzie Rose and Freda Waldapfel
Also showing a high standard of Contemporary Art with a fantastic selection of Applied Art, Jewellery, Textiles, Ceramics, Handmade Cards and Design-Led Gifts.

Open Mon—Sat, 10am to 5pm

Lizzie Rose

To Mull - Lizzie Rose

Lizzie’s initial response in drawn mark takes place out there in the landscape, but often she retreats to the safety of her studio to contemplate...

''I grew up looking towards Ben Cruachan. Its image and shape are intrinsic to my sense of home and my roots. The outdoors is where I revel - climbing to the tops in all seasons, feeling the grandeur and age, and the land spreading out on all sides. I feel part of the wind and the clouds, the strength and peace in these places.

The journey is important, and the resulting work can encompass more than a single place, reflecting movement and time spent travelling. It is the land, in its might and beauty, its ferocity and calm, that causes me to wonder at the place I call home.

My recent work is pared down. Simple lines: pathways my feet have taken, outlines of mountains, trees passed. Tokens of places seen and travelled to.''

Freda Waldapfel

The Lilies Shadow the Purple
Freda Waldapfel

''I am a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and have been painting full time since 2000 from my studio on the shores of Loch Long.

In these Oil Paintings I am Exploring Colour and in particular the interaction of one colour with another within the painting. My recent work has been described as both ‘Optimistic’ and ‘Poetic.’ I hope you will agree. My starting point is the effect you get at dusk - that luminous quality of light on the garden, particularly in high summer when my garden is bursting with colourful flowers. Known as the Puskinje effect, the garden looks as though it is lit from within. Bonnard called it ‘L’heure bleu.’

I want to capture and evoke the magic of it, ‘the enchanted moments of heightened perception,’ to borrow a phrase from Kenneth Clark.''

Juno Design Gallery
Tel: 01369 707 767
email: jo@junogallery.com


August 21 - September 28, 2010

David Morrison and Liz Bruce
New Exhibition by Local Artists at...
Juno Design Gallery

Waverley - Summer Cruise
David Morrison

Specked Jug
Liz Bruce

Check more images from both artists and others in our 2010 programme on our new web site at http://www.junogallery.com

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Juno Design Gallery
Tel: 01369 707 767
email: jo@junogallery.com

July 10 – August 20, 2010

Mid-Summer Exhibition at Juno...
Two Contemporary Artists
Joe Smernikki and John Nelson

Joe Smernikki:
A Graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone has a distinctive style that possess colour, shape and line.

The inspiration for Joe’s work comes almost exclusively from the coastal and rural environment around his home town of Montrose.

Joe Smernikki's paintings reflect a dual interest. On one hand they are portrayals of a very distinctive and visually rich landscape with its fishing stations, small boats, farm implements and sheds. Equally the paintings are an exploration of colour, tone, shape and line that are brought together in a carefully balanced composition.

John Nelson:
John Nelson is a Graduate Edinburgh College of Art - whose Paintings evoke his love of colour in the landscape.

Later he became a popular Art Lecturer at Stevenson College, Edinburgh. As an Edinburgh man he is proud to have been a member of ‘The Glasgow League of Artists’ and to have been their chairman in 1975-76. He has also been a chairman of Livingston Art Foundation and the Craigmillar Festival Society.

John Nelson now lives in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. He took early retirement to concentrate on developing his distinctive colourful paintings.

Check images from both artists and others in our 2010 programme on our new web site at http://www.junogallery.com

Juno Design Gallery
Tel: 01369 707 767
email: jo@junogallery.com

May 29 - June 9, 2010

A Colourful Early Summer Exhibition at Juno
by Two Contemporary Artists
Martin Oates and Brian Phillips

Martin Oates
Martin Oates is a well established Artist from Glasgow. Largely self taught his Paintings depict intense ever changing atmosphere of the hills with hues ad colours of evening and morning light.

In this exhibition at Juno, Martin Oates continues to show his colourful watercolours in which he exhibits an intriguing a feeling of distance and atmosphere in the hills of the Scottish Landscape - which are a favourite with his ever increasing followers.

Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips moved to this area in September 2000 - where he is well known and loved for breaking the basic rules of painting in an exciting way. His paintings are easily recognisable as his own fresh, exiting and humorous works of Art which are orchestrated in a symphony of colour ... irreverent yet perfectly valid, vague yet precise demanding attention from the viewer. He says of his work, ''I have never lost sight of reality in my paintings, although I am probably further away from it now than I ever have been. I work hard to find colour combinations that should never see the light of day, yet still work in a bizarre sort of way.''

Check images from both artists and others in our 2010 programme on our new web site at http://www.junogallery.com4 & 5

Juno Design Gallery
Tel: 01369 707 767
email: jo@junogallery.com

April 17 – May 28, 2010

Spring Exhibition at Juno Design Gallery
Susan Winton and Duncan MacLeod

Susan Winton creates her fantastic abstract paintings from her studio in Fife. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 1983, and her continuing studies include a teaching degree and contextual studies at the College of Art in Dundee.

Since then Susan Winton has worked on commissions, installations and murals in various public buildings in the Fife area. As well as exhibiting in galleries throughout Scotland, Susan is currently lecturing in Art and Design in Elmwood College and Coatbridge College.

Duncan Macleod is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. He has developed a distinctive style and technique using mixed media and collage in his Scottish landscapes paintings.

Duncan Macleod exhibits his work in Galleries around Scotland, and is a frequently exhibitor at the Pittenweem Festival in August.

Check images from both artists and others in our 2010 programme on our new web site at http://www.junogallery.com

Juno Design Gallery
Tel: 01369 707 767
email: jo@junogallery.com

March 6 - 9 April, 2010

A Colourful Spring Exhibition...
Two Contemporary Artists
Juno Design Gallery

Lady with Scarf
Nikki Monaghan - £295

Nikki Monaghan is a Graduate of Scottish College of Textiles. Since graduating as a textile student Nikki has developed a unique style of painting for which she is now highly regarded. Her paintings are inspired by landscape with simple forms using a colourful quirky style.

The Heart-felt Gift
Morag Muir - £3000

Born in Glasgow, Morag was a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College, Dundee in 1982. Her still life canvases full of vivid hues echo Eastern iconography & ethnic Bric-a-brac. As much as anything Morag is driven by the sheer joy of painting.

Juno is delighted to be exhibiting this not to be missed exhibition of previously unseen highly original work which is in a class of its own.

Tel: 01369 707 767
email: jo@junogallery.com

From November 14, 2009

Christmas Exhibition at...
Juno Design Gallery

Waverley - Summer Cruise

Featuring a fabulous display of art from Contemporary artists - Deborah Phillips, Georgie Young, Susan Winton, Martin Oates, David Morrison, Brian Phillips & Pam Glennie.

New for 2009 the Original Troll Beads,
Handbags, Scarves, Jewellery Design Led Gifts & Ceramics.

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Tel: +44 (0)1369 707767

April 18 - May 28, 2009

A Spring Exhibition at Juno Design Gallery
Featuring Work from Two Exciting Contemporary Artists...

Pam Glennie and Sarah Keer Keer

Beached Boat Loch Eck

Pam Glennie
Pam Glennie was born in Ayrshire and attended Glasgow School of Art 1982-1986. She gained a postgraduate Certificate in Education in 1992, and went on to teach in Schools until 2001.

Pam has recently returned to painting the ever changing Scottish Landscape, working mainly in pastels in an expressive, intuitive and free flowing style allowing her individual and distinctive ‘floating’ colour palette to emerge.

She was selected to exhibit at the 2007 Paisley Art Institute annual exhibition where she was awarded the Small Painting prize. Now she is frequently to be found painting from her studio in Kilmun - she continues to exhibit her work widely in Scotland.

Sarah Keer Keer

Strangford Loch

Sarah Keer Keer lives in Roslin village with her children and much of her initial inspiration to paint came from her time spent in the surrounding countryside and days spent on the beach. Working from her sketchbook which she carries everywhere she draws in the fields, dunes and woods.

Sarah loves natural forms, vernacular buildings, vibrant colour, which she interprets in her dramatic loose fast paintings.

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March 7 - April 17, 2009

Early Spring Exhibition

An Unprecedented Early Spring Exhibition at Juno Design Gallery
Featuring Work from Two Exciting Contemporary Artists
Anderson Robertson and Georgie Young

Anderson Robertson DA, BA (hons) studied under the late David Donaldson RSA RP RGI LLD Dlitt, painter and Limner to her majesty. A graduate of Gray’s Aberdeen and The Glasgow School of Art, Anderson became an Elected member of the Glasgow Scottish Art Club in 1982 and became a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland in 1996.

Anderson has exhibited widely in various Annual Exhibitions in Scotland including the RGI and has exhibited in many prominent institutes of painting throughout the UK.

Married to the late painter Mary M M Christie, together they travelled extensively spending time with the Native Americans with the Sioux, Apache, Cree and Crow reservations this interest has been one of his lifelong passions with myths and legends appearing regularly in his work.

A successful career in Teaching followed, which spanned Scotland, becoming principal teacher in Prestwick Academy and the Nicholson Institute, Stornoway - later becoming Governor of Aberdeen College of Education and Convenor of the Central Advisory Committee on Art.

Anderson Robertson now lives and paints from his studio in Argyll. His style varies - he feels equally at home painting abstractly and realistically, enjoying the freedom of painting whatever the subject. Painting in oils he admits to being a painter of the old school - he believes strongly in the 'Craft' of painting. As a result he continues to be involved in Art's most demanding discipline, portraiture ... successfully exhibiting in the Royal Society of Portrait painters in the Mall Galleries.

Juno is delighted to exhibit the fine work of this local Artist.

Georgie Young is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. She is now known for her semi-abstract Contemporary Scottish Landscapes. Her work aims to evoke a feeling and capture a sense of place - an atmosphere rather than reproduce a direct likeness. The original observation is processed, re examined and the essence is abstracted. Her work is an attempt to reveal the unexpected beauty of light, time, weather and season on everyday landscape.

Georgie now lives in Edinburgh and continues to exhibit in Galleries throughout the UK.

Juno is delighted to bring this must see Exhibition of work from two new and innovative Artists to Dunoon.

Open: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm

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Contact: Maria MacKellar
Juno Design Gallery,
159 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7dd
Open: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm
Tel: 01369 707767 | email: jo@junogallery.com
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