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Art and Disability Gazette

This Art and Disability Gazette is Undergoing Revision

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Young Talent Exhibition
Singing Seabass - TAKE 17
Remembering Lennox Castle Hospital
Rachell Hooke's Painting


I am Judith, and I have Down's Syndrome.
And this is my website.

Because of my learning disabilty, I've asked my dad to help me write and manage my Art and Disability Gazette. I hope you'll grow to like it and send me your comments from time to time.

I have reserved some space on this site for other people with disability to share their stories or show some of their works. Stick your name on this email form for more information, or call my dad on...
Tel: 0141 946 5032
My dad is a very nice man but he is a bit old.
Yes, Old - not Odd.

Oh, and if you notice any bad English on these pages, you know who to blame. My dad.

My dad is an African from Zanzibar. His Swahili is very good. His English was very hopeless when he first came to Scotland, he says, but now it's very hopeful.

One of my early abstract pantings
Acrylic on canvas

This painting was sold at the opening of
Young Talent Exhibition at Project Abilty in Glasgow - July 8, 20011. I attend art classes there, twice a week.

I think my paintings and felt-work have improve quite a bit since then. I hope my dad is going to show you some of my latest work soon. He is so lazy some times.

I enjoy exploring
  • Acrylic and Watercolour Paintings
  • Greeting cards
  • Silk Painting
  • Textiles - includind felt work
  • Duck egg painting
    and maybe others I haven't thought of yet.
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My Wee Brother

I have a young brother called Michael. His friends call him Mick.

I'm proud of my wee brother. He used to be a professional musician but he is now taking another degree course - in drama, at that place in Glasgow with a name my dad can't pronounce popaly because he has just lost some more of his teeth.

On my Connections page I'll bring you various bits and pieces of useful information, I trust, from various organsatios I am connected with, like...
  • Caledonia Award
  • Down's Symdrome organisations
  • Independence
  • Lee Family T'ai Chi
  • Project Ability
  • My Romanian connection
  • My support providers
  • Ups and Downs Theatre Group
  • My voluntary work at a Day Care Centre - and more
Drop me a wee line
I'd be so pleased to hear from you...

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