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Hand Crafted Jewellery
Karim Higazy

Provided by Scottish Art Circle

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I am Karim Higazy, an Egyptian, now living in Largs on the west coast of Scotland where I design and craft my jewellery.

In my early years I studied literature in Cairo and from that time I have been strongly involved in reading and writing poetry mainly on the subject of the universal human condition.

Earning a living has led me in many different directions. Some years spent as a railway manager and later running bazaars where I cultivated a facination with gemstones. Buying jewellery for my bazaar took me to the many workshops in Cairo where I gleaned knowledge of jewellery making techniques and gemstones. During the last five years I have used that knowledge to produce my own designs.

At present I work mainly in Silver and semi precious stones. I use cabochon stones for the bolder designs which many clients are specially attracted to. Other designs are produced using lab grown faceted stones. These stones are cultivated in lab conditions using the same minerals found in mined stones. To the naked eye they are not distinquishable from natural stones and have the advantage of perfect clarity.

I work from home studio and display some of my work in the West Kilbride Initiative shop in Main Street, West Kilbride.

If you are interested in my work or would like a piece designed , please feel free to call or email me any time. In the meantime please click here to view current sample of my designs.

Karim Higazy
Tel: +44(0)1475 674 165 | email

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