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Animals & Fish

This watercolour design of common dolphins, painted on a small scale, was for one of a series of three conservation stamps commissioned by the United Arab Emirates
Postal Authority. My other paintings were of the endangered dugong and the humpback whale. 60,000 stamps of each design were printed - hardly a limited edition!

This young eagle owl was painted in situ in a cave where I had filmed its progress from birth, along with two other fledglings. With rapid development of the coastal mountains and hinterland throughout Arabia, these magnificent owls are now an endangered species.

'Sundancer' was the name of my pal Kevin Hyland's sportsfishing boat and we had some great times with sailfish. This one being played by Joanna Pardy threw the hook shortly before we would have tagged and released it. It wasn't quite as large as I've painted it here, but it would have been a good 60-70 lbs. 'Sundancer and the Big One' won the gold medal at that year's Dubai International Art Centre annual exhibition - and I gifted the painting to Kevin in celebration. Alas, with over-exploitation by Iran, the sailfish are much less common these days.

I call this painting 'fish supper' and the fine lobster is displayed permanently at the
Bridge Hotel, Helsmsdale. My small gallery of paintings commissioned by the hotel's proprietor features Scottish wildlife from the hills and glens and the lochs, rivers and coastal seas of Sutherland. Not all of the subjects ended up cooked!

Firework Fishes
Acrylic and ink on canvas - Private collection
Published in Al Khaleej & Beyond - Motivate Publishing November 2007.

'There is a Garden' named after a Rocking Berries lyric. I filmed the guys at a gig in Dubai in the early 1980s but only painted this watercolour in 2008. The butterflies and hibiscus were in my garden in Sharjah.

'Whose Egg is it anyway?' Private collection.
Of course it was the goose (off the painting stage right), leaving these two arrogant cockerels to work it out for themselves. I loved Sir Robin Philipson's series of paintings of 'fighting cockerels' he created in the 1960s - I dedicate this little comic sketch to his memory.

The Homecoming Mike Shepley DA (Edin)
Acrylic and ink

Salmo salar the Atlantic salmon returns to the river of its birth, after travelling thousands of miles to its saltwater feeding grounds in the Arctic. The Latin name means leaper and Scotland's mightly rivers and highland streams are a challenge to the homecoming salmon, many of which travel to the very source of its natal river to spawn in the clean, gravelly pools of autumn.

A limited edition of only 5 giclee prints on heavy art paper (11.75 inches x 16.5 inches), hand remarqued and signed by the artist are available price 125.00 postage and packing inclusive for UK addresses. POA for international delivery.
The original is on display at the Bridge Hotel, Helmsdale, along with a collection of Mike Shepley's wildlife paintings.

Scops Owl Mike Shepley DA (Edin)
- Private collection
After being mobbed by flock of Mynahs in Kuwait City, this little owl took refuge under a car being filmed by Mike for an advertising shoot for General Motors.

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Mike Shepley DA (Edin)