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Free Advertising For Your Christmas Art Exhibitions -

Once again we are pleased to be able to offer you a Free Page to advertise your forthcoming Christmas Art Exhibitions on our Scottish Art Exhibitions Site. We are doing even better this year than last as we are already set up a month earlier to receive your exhibitions details.

Feel free to take advantage of this offer and start sending in details of your current exhibitions forthwith ... there'll be no charge for this either. You might as well use your free page to give your gallery additional exposure to our viewers. It could prove profitable to you.

Subscribe To Your Free Page Now

Follow These Three Easy Steps:

Step 1- Click on this link to access my email form

Step2- Type 'Christmas' on the Subject box then supply the following information:
> Name and full address of your gallery
> Name of Contact person
> Telephone number and website address

Step 3- Send Your Message ...

It should take less than a minute of your time to complete this. So so you can Do It Right Now and save yourself unnecessary delay? You can cancel your free page whenever you want to and it won't cost a penny, so you have nothing to lose.

What to Do Next

> Email us information about your current exhibitions As soon as you can ... we'll enter this on your page immediately to give you maximum possible exposure. You can follow up with details of your other Exhibitions up to end of January. You may also send a photo image of your choice to add impact to your page ... send photo images in .jpg format.

> Be sure you don't lose valuable exposure time by waiting till you have a 'perfect' copy for your page. You can email us an edited or a revised version of your copy at any time and we'll update your page for you.

As soon as your exhibition page is completed we'll notify you so that you can check it for accuracy.

Just one last thing. I anticipate a fast response to this offer and we'll be setting up pages on first-come, first-served basis. So do respond quickly. Here's another link to my email form again so you can Grab Your Free Page Now. All you need to do is enter the word Christmas on the Subject box, then add your gallery name and address on the form + your contact details and website address ... couldn't be easier, simply click here.

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