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Stations of the Cross
West Glasgow New Church

Ongoing Celebration of Easter

These Stations of the Cross are brought to you by West Glasgow New Church in association with Art In Scotland .com
Revised March 17,2008

Stations of the Cross are
Visual Representations of the events that took place around the death of Jesus and His resurrection.

In April 2001, we held our first Art Exhibition based on the Stations of the Cross at Broomhill Trinity Church in Glasgow. More than 600 people attended the three days of public celebration. This site was set up to record that exhibition as an ongoing Visual Celebration of Easter.

Encouraged by the response to the 2001 event, our second Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition was opened on Thursday 17 April - Saturday 19 April, 2003.

The 28 contributing artists come largely from a variety of Churches and church traditions in the West End of Glasgow - Church of Scotland, Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, United Reformed and our own church.

It is our hope that your own journey through the Stations will bring a freshness to the Easter story. As you contemplate upon the meaning and significance of Easter to you, do feel free to share your response with us. There is a Contact Facility on every page of this site to make it easy for you to Respond and Send Your Comments.

More content may be added from time to time as deemed appropriate, so you may want to bookmark this page and visit often.

These two exhibition were curated by Brett Nicholls, and the site was revised on March 17, 2008.

All Biblical references have been taken from
the New International Version.

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